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We’re here to help today’s youth discover affordable little joys

MINISO is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle product retailer, offering high-quality household goods, cosmetics, and food at affordable prices. Founded by CEO Ye Guofu, MINISO has opened more than 4,200 stores in over 80 countries and regions since 2013, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, UAE, India, and Mexico.


A retailer delivering fun, high-quality new goods 

We have a saying at MINISO that “a better life has nothing to do with the price” – and that is the mission that drives us to deliver well-made and highly-designed goods for value- and quality-conscious consumers worldwide. 


From our product development to the feeling we want our customers to have, MINISO is based on three core principles: 

  • Affordable high quality: guides our decisions from design to materials
  • Joy: the response of our customers experience while in our stores
  • Lighthearted: the relaxed and happy feeling when encountering the large variety of goods available


And in 2020, MINISO launched a new slogan, “Life is for fun, MINISO.” MINISO aims to become a brand that is even better in tune with today’s youth, more clearly understanding their attitudes and behaviors to bring them the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. It is their voices we hear when we create “back to basics” designs that mimic nature or select new brand partnerships.  


MINISO has collaborated with world-famous brands including Coca Cola, Marvel, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street, Mickey and Minnie, Pink Panther, We Bare Bears, and Beijing’s Palace Museum, releasing playful crossover products that have been hugely popular with our shoppers. 


We believe we have one of the most flexible retail business models – from our franchise operation structure to our world-class supply chain sourcing materials and manufacturing – that allows us to bring new and trendy products to shelves frequently. 


To keep that product pipeline full and in a continued commitment to the original design, we have established the MINISO Design Academy (MDA) and teamed up with some of the best designers from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and South Korea to create high-quality products that skillfully blend creativity and practicality – winning the brand a series of international design accolades such as the iF, Red Dot and A’ Design awards.


We believe these core elements of our business will continue to be our winning retail formula in years to come.


Brand Story of MINISO

Photo Credit: Miniso Official

The MINISO Brand founder Jack Ye gained inspiration for MINISO while on vacation with his family in Japan in 2013. He came across several specialty stores in Japan which stocked good quality, well designed, and inexpensive products that were mostly manufactured in China. With his knowledge and experience in product development, supply chain, and the fashion industry, Jack established MINISO with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China, a joyful lifestyle brand featured with IP collaborations and original designs. After ten years of rapid development, MINISO has become a retail new consumer enterprise driven by design research and development, and has been honored as one of the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and "Top 100 Chinese Franchise Enterprises." In 2015, it launched its globalization strategy and officially entered overseas markets. Currently, it has successfully entered over 105 countries and regions worldwide, with over 5,400 stores in global famous city core commercial areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Dubai, Sydney, and Istanbul. In 2020, it was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code "MNSO." In 2022, it was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the stock code "9896.HK." The original intention of Miniso was to do things that are valuable to consumers and allow more people to easily enjoy a better life with high-quality products and services. Through consumer insights gained from its international operations, MINISO evolved its definition of "extreme affordability", while proposing the concept of "interest-driven consumption" for the first time in the retail industry. Through in-depth cooperation with 75 global top IPs such as Disney, Marvel, NBA, Sanrio, and Toy Story, it deeply excavated the co-branding and innovative potential between the brand and the IPs, added deep value to the products, and launches products that are visually pleasing, easy to use and fun to play with to meet the needs of young consumers. MINISO operates its global business under its brand slogan " Life is for fun ". With its strong supply chain capabilities and firm globalization development strategy, Miniso is exporting "made in China" to the world, continuously creating joyful and high-quality life experiences for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.