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Wireless Earphones
Wireless Earphones
Wireless Earphones

Wireless Earphones

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Material: ABS, Metal, TPE
Packaging material: Paper Box, PVC
Usage: Refer to User Manual
Product features: 1. Unique and leisure, it is sport styled and practical. Designed according to ergonomics, it may be hung around the neck and has indicator lights in two colors, supporting multiband EQ and heavy bass intensification. One button realizes multiple functions, supporting voice prompt. 2. Smart connection allows the hearphones to be connected with the phone after power on. Simple and chic appearance highlights the unique style and suitability in various scenarios. 3. Effective communication distance: 10m without obstacle.
Caution: 1.Do not disassemble or modify for any reasons to avoid any damages and danger. 2. Avoid contact with liquids to prevent damages to the device.3. Do not store the device in extremely high or low temperature areas (under 0? or over 45? ) for a prolonged time. 4. Avoid using your device??Â??º???s light close to the eyes of children or animals.5.Do not use the device during a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can cause the device to malfunction and increase the risk of electric shock.
Storage: Keep away from fire and damp environment. Store in a dry place

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