Wireless Car Charger Mount

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Specification: 70x70x107mm Model/Color: Black Product Features: Safe wireless charging 2. Adjustable angle doesnt affect charging 3. Attached it to the air vent in your car. 4. Expendable Holder suitable for phone 3.5inches to 6.5 inches. 5. There is anti-slip silicone layers on both side of the hanger which protect cellphone from scratching. Material: PC Storage: Keep away from fire and humidity. Store in a dry and cool place. How To Use: Attach locknut to the base, and attach the base to the back side of a holder. Tighten the locknut. Attach the product to the air vent in your car and tighten the clamp to ensure the holder is firmly fixed. Do not tighten too much in order to avoid damaging the air vent. It canserve as a phone holder and wireless charger at the same time. The distance between the phone and charger should not be bigger than 4 mm, otherwise may influence charging. Caution: 1. Store in a dry place. Keep away from humidity and places with corrosive materials. 2. do not try to dismantle the product. 3. Do not keep in places where temperature is too high or too low. 4. Do not throw or kick the product.

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