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We Bare Bears Lightning Fast Charge Data Cable

We Bare Bears Lightning Fast Charge Data Cable

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Material: TPE
Packaging material: color card+PVC
Usage: 1. One end of USB port connects the charger, the other end connects cellphone's or laptop's Lightning port to realize charging or data transmission; 2. When connecting device, plug in parallel with the device port.
Product features: 1. Bending-resistant structure ensures the data cable's being used as normal and not easy to break. 2. Chic and portable, the material is firm and durable, with strong impact-resistance and resistance to high and low temperature. 3. Performance parameters: rated voltage-DC 5V, rated current-2.1A.
Caution: 1. Keep the head of the port away from water, or may cause fire or even disaster; 2. Do not disassemble the product, or it may cause the product to fail or short-circut or on fire.
Storage: Fireproof, dampproof, windproof. Keep it dry and keep away from corrosive gas

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