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BT Keyboard Silver

BT Keyboard Silver

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Commodity material: ABS
Packaging material: WHITE PAPER BOX
Usage method: Bluetooth connection
Product features: Main for iOS system, compatible for WIN XP/7/8and Android system
Matters need attention:
1?Please keep the keyboard away from liquid or humid environment, saunas, swimming pool, steam room and don't let the keyboard get wet in the rain.
2?Please don't expose the keyboard at too high or too low temperature condition.
3?Please don't put keyboard under sun for a long time.
4?Please don't put keyboard close to the flame, such as cooking stoves, candles or fireplace.
5? Avoid sharp objects scratching products, timely to recharge or replace the dry cell products to ensure the normal use.
Storage method: Dry ventilated place
Dimensions: 28.5cm x 12cm x 1.8cm

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