Metallic In Ear Headphones

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Product Feature: 1. Metal housing with bright color, strong bass. 2. Comes with an EVA bag to store and protect earphones 3. In-ear design, comfortable to wear. Effectively reduce outer noise. 4. When connecting with cellphone, you can listen to music and make calls. 5. Compatible with most smartphones. it is recommended to buy it after trying. Material: TPE Storage: Store it in a dry place at room temperature. How to use: 1. When there is an incoming call, press the function button to answer the call and press it again to hang up. When listening to music, press the button to play/pause. Press twice for the next tract, press three times for previous track. 2. Push toward "+" to volume up,, push towards "-" to volume down. Caution: 1. You need to match the product DC plug with relevant audiovisual and mobile devices etc. 2. Do not drag thecable. 3. Wear the earphones properly and do not reverse the L and R side. 4. Do not wear it for a long time at high volume

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