Metallic In-Ear Headphones

Type: Earphones

Material: TPE,EVA
Packaging material: PVC BOX+PAPER CARD
Usage: 1. Function button: press the function button to answer a call and press again to hang it up. While playing music, press the function button once to play or pause, press twice to move to next song and press three times to move to previous song. 2. Volume up or down: push toward + to increase the volume, while push toward - to reduce the volume.
Product features: 1. Providing super bass, it has beautiful and colored metallic housing. 2. Includes a nice EVA earphones bag to protect and store earphones. 3. With in-Ear design, it is comfortable to wear and may effectively reduce external noise. 4. When connected with a cellphone, it can be used to play music and answer call. 5. Compatible with most of the smart phones. Better try it before using.
Caution: 1.The headphones DC plug need to be compatible with mobile audiovisual equippments. 2.Make sure that you didnt mix the left one the right one while wearing to avoid effecting the sound. 3. Please do not wear it for too long time with high volume to avoid hurting your hearing. 4. Please do not pull or drag the cord too hard.
Storage: Store it in normal temperature and keep it away from hot and humid places.