Marvel Cellphone Ring Holder

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Specifications: 4.3cmX3.3cm/1.69inX1.3in Product Features: 1. Small and easy to carry, can be used on cellphones and tablets. 2. Can be used as a holder when place on the surface. Adjustable angle. Material: PC, zinc alloy. Usage: Clean the back cover of your phone, tear off the protective film of ring bracket, then stick it onto the back cover of your phone and press gently. Leave for 3 hours before use. Caution: Keep away from heat. 2. Only use the holder for viewing videos and movies. Do not throw or pull it. 3. Not applicable for product covers made of leather, cloth, and rubber, or in the shape of curves, uneven or matte surfaces. Storage: Keep away from fire and humidity. Store in a dry and cool place.

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