Bearing Skip Rope
Bearing Skip Rope
Bearing Skip Rope
Bearing Skip Rope

Bearing Skip Rope

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Material: PVC,PP,TPR
Packaging material: back tag
1. Adjust the rope length based on the user's height and preferences.
2. Hold the handgrip with both hands and jump on a flat floor.
Product features: 
1. Effectively train response-ability and endurance.
2. Upgraded TPR handle has anti-skid convexed patterns and fits the hand, comfortable to grip.
1. Do warm-up and check whether the rope is broken before use to avoid getting hurt.
2. Do not jump within half an hour before and after having meals.
3. Do not use the rope on rough ground to avoid shortening the service life of the rope.
4. Pay attention to the environment and articles around the jumping area to avoid getting hurt or damage.

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