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3 In 1 Hair Straightener&Curler

3 In 1 Hair Straightener&Curler

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Product Features
1.Hair straightening function.
2.Curl hair with different waves.
3.Ceramic coating, reducing hair damage.
4.Wiring port can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to use from any angle.

Cautions: 1.Do not contact skin when it is heating to avoid scald.
2.Do not cover the heating part to avoid damage caused by overheating.
3.Do not soak it in water or other liquids when it is working to avoid electric shock.
4.Please store it in a dry place. Do not use it in bathroom or other humid places to avoid electric shock.
5. Keep the power line away from high temperature to avoid damage. Do not twine the power line on the product.
6.Please cool it naturally on heat-insulated objects after use and avoid contact with it.
7.Please switch it off and unplug it when not in use.
8.Do not use it near the bath filled with water.
9.Please change the power line by professionals if it is damaged.
10.Children should use it under the instruction of adult.

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